35 Ways To Tune-Up Your Creativity
35 Ways To Tune-Up Your Creativity
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Have you ever wondered why some people have so much creativity? Is it a gift or can you learn how to be more creative? I believe you can and here are a few ways to tune up your senses and light a creative spark in your life.

1. Listen.

You have two ears and one mouth. Use in proportion.

2. Touch.

Pretend you are blind and learn about life in an entirely new way.

3. See.

You have the gift of sight. But most people seldom use it. To boost your creatovity, go for a walk and try to find 10 different and new things on a familiar street that you have never noticed before.

4. Observe.

There is a difference between a glance and an observation. Remember the phrase doesn't have a clue? Part of the solution is to understand what you are seeing. Take time to observe things. It will make your more creative.

5. Remember.

Take some notes. Create an idea swipe file. Do you have a photocamera? Try to take pictures.

6. Put pad & pen everywhere.

Your mind is like a computer with the print key selected. That means it could print out anything at any time. The only problem, you don't get a hard copy. Have note pads everywhere. There is nothing worse than the gift of a good idea with no way to remember it.

7. Take notes.

Don't rely on your memory to recall meetings for your creativity. Take notes. Develop your version of idea shorthand using underlines or a star. Write down the questions you want to be answered. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

8. Doodle.

Doodling is a great way to free your mind. Just do it. Try to do it when you are on the phone. Do it when you are waiting at the airport. You will be amazed at what comes to mind.

9. Create and mental in-basket.

You don't have to do everything but it might be nice to investigate. If you see or hear about something that interests you. It will make you more curious.

10. Chill twice a day.

Take a break. Go for a walk. Find a coffee shop. Visit a pet store. Stop at the children's museum or zoo. Find smile places and wayt for your creativity to come!

11. Never nap negative.

Naps are good but not when you are in a bad mood or have something negative on your mind. That will just ruin your chance to be more creative. Let stuff go first. Write what is bothering you on one of your note pads and ask yourself will this be important in a year? Why are you surrendering to other people? Let them stew in their soup. Now go nap.

12. Always have something to learn.

Keep learning. It doesn't matter what, just keep learning. Gardening. Karate. Painting. Photography. Send your mind to the gym!

13. Play fair.

Like to take advantage of other people? No wonder your life is a mess. Remember, what comes around goes around. It's called Karma and good Karma shows.

14. Share your toys.

Don't be the kid who hoards the toys. Share them. Teach. Make somebody smile today.

15. Paint once a week. (Finger painting is OK)

I know this one is close to doodling but I am adding more colour. Colour creates heat in the mind. That is good for your creativity.

16. Load and go. (But carry a pad & pen!)

Trying to solve a big problem? Load all of the facts into your head. Pick up a pad and a pen that works. Go outside. Get ready for a printout. It's coming.

17. Keep a positive journal.

People who journal tend to write negative things. Journal about positive things. Close your entry with a section called Grateful. List some simple things you are grateful for TODAY. A good cup of coffee? A gentle rain? A pen that works well? Little grateful turn into a happier life.

18. Take weekend mind stretches.

Do something different on the weekend. Your weekends should turn into time off ruts. Ride a bike to a little town and have a piece of pie at a local cafe. Climb a tree. Put your golf clubs in the garage once in a while. Go watch storms. Rent a canoe. Experience new roads. Be creative!

19. Be nice to an animal daily.

When you meet a little hound on the street, say hello. Baby talk is fine. Bend over a little and let the little guy know that it is all about him. Watch the tail wag. Watch the grin. Look at the instant excitement. Now apply what you have learned to humans.

20. Be nice to an old person daily.

Help them get around. Open a door. Help them get their things on and off the bus. Try to help them get something down from a shelf they can't reach. Just help them. You've got time and your creativity!

21. Be nice to a kid daily.

Ask a teen what he thinks. Make eye contact. Also, make the teen feel important. Let the teen use his personality. An open expression for both of you. See life through some different eyes.

22. Be nice.

Enough said. There is a shortage of nice today.

23. Exercise daily. (But carry a pad & pen!)

Walk. Ride a bike. Jog. Lift some weights. Do something for 20 minutes. But have a pad and working pen on your design nearby.

24. Learn to laugh.

No, a snicker isn't good enough. Learn to laugh. Don't be bashful about laughing. It's infectious!

25. Read good humour.

Find something funny to read. No, I don't mean dirty email. I mean find a funny writer like Will Rogers or Erma Bombeck and read. It will make your day better and it helps load that computer above your shoulders with a positive point of view.

26. Read a biography every month.

A life worth lived is probably in print somewhere. Get in the habit of finding out how someone else lived their life. Maybe they can help you with some of your problems and of course, with your creativity.

27. Use good mind oil.

Crossword puzzles. Find the word games. That numbers game. Next time you are in one of the W stores, buy a magazine or booklet of them and have it handy when you need to oil your head.

28. Listen to jazz when you need to create.

Jazz is supposed to inspire creativity. Learn to like it if you don't. Remember what I said about trying something new?

29. Trust your instincts.

If you have made it this far and still find these steps interesting, chances are good you are on the way to developing good creative instincts. Trust them. Go with a new idea. Let it develop. Don't let someone talk or bully you out of it.

30. Believe in something.

There is something bigger out there than you. Investigate philosophy and belief systems. Find something right for you. Learn to meditate. Create a special place where you can learn about thought.

31. Develop a statement of personal gratitude to encreace your creativity.

It was an incredible journey for you to become a human being. I am a wenner. I was born here. Life is wonderful!. How and what do you bring to life? What is at your core? Write it down.

32. Go on vacation.

You earned it. It will help you get fresh. You will discover new things. But, go on a new vacation. Sell your timeshare. Find a different lake. If you haven't been on vacation in a few years–a real away vacation–no wonder you're stale and grumpy!

33. Share what you know.

You have spent a lifetime learning things. Share what you know. Write stories about it. Post the stories online. Help people grow. You are smarter than you think! Become somebody’s hero.

34. Don't get into gossip sessions.

Nothing good ever comes from it and if gossip is your way of making yourself more creative than someone, you need to do an inventory and start concentrating on things that will help you grow as a person.

35. Shut off your cell phone for a half-day a week.

Just get away from it. If the call is important, they will leave a voicemail.

36. The biggie! Go computer free for an entire day a week.

Now you have time to read one of those books. Why let the computer run your life? Find a day and go computer free. Be a pal with yourself and be creative!

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